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Florian Tomballe
Sculptures and Drawings
03.10 – 29.12.2021

For the past years, since graduating as a master sculptor at the Royal Academy of Antwerp, Florian Tomballe's main focus was on finding his way through the figurative realm.
Both disciplined as a draughtsman and a sculptor, he has made way, from an archaic understanding of the figure, to an accomplished classical approach, resulting in monumental full standing figures, as well as the art of portraiture.
In more recent times, this path has led to a firm abstracted approach of our human form and its inhabiting world, the soul. It is in this that he finds most freedom, creativity and trust, in order to grow.
Florian: “I grew up in a family where everyone was an artist. Visiting museums and my father’s studio were common to me.
After graduating in sculpture at the Royal Academy of Antwerp, I started my own studio where I originally studied the classical ways.
Gradually, a desire to be swift and without rules has made way for a new free form and direction within my practice. After ten years in my studio, I feel things are coming together and can grow limitless.”
It is the beautiful sculptural quality that makes the work of Florian important and attractive. Florian’s work can best be described as a mixture between synthetical abstraction/cubism and the Greek Kouros, inspired by the work of BRAQUE and PICASSO.
But also strong influences by PERMEKE and Flemish expressionism. The freedom of his workplace gives Florian the oxygen and strength to further develop his artistry.

The work by Florian has been internationally recognized through various group exhibitions in London, New York, Antwerp and Spain, which has resulted in important sales. Florian’s work is now part of collections owned by the LVMH group, collectors such as Sting (The Police), Peter Marino (Architect and interior designer) and private collectors from Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Norway, USA (New York and Miami), UAE (Dubai), Canada …
Florian’s work had been published in several art magazines such as AKT, ABSOLUUT, SABATO,…


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