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Jeroen Boudens °1956 Works and lives in Ostend, Belgium. The work of Jeroen Boudens can best be described as a mix of abstract and graphic minimalism. Strongly inspired by his graphic education in the 70s and his interest in African art, specifically the outspoken graphic lines of the Shoowa tapestry from the Kuba tribe. Jeroen’s work evokes a strong emotional bond between the viewer and the paintings. Strong graphic black and whites, deep greys and oranges, geometrical forms in pastels, such as light blue and powder pink, are the proof of pure mastery of colour and composition. His non-figurative monumental artworks look seemingly effortless but appearances can be deceiving. When Jeroen starts to paint, he is extremely focused and, being a perfectionist, he sands down each layer before putting on the next, creating the perfect lines and colour areas The work of Jeroen brings us the opportunity to look deeper into the world of abstract art, suprematism, constructivism and neoplasticism. It also invites us to take a closer look at the tribal Congolese art that has been an inspiration for so many. Jeroen’s work has a national and international reputation. There have been group and solo shows in Bruges, Antwerp and Ghent, but also in Cologne, Sittard and Rijswijck in Holland. His work stretches out to Tokio, Japan. STUDIO23 strongly believes in the work by Jeroen Boudens, as they are in so many ways beautiful, decorative and educative.
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